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Key Component To The Success Of Our Company.

PAIGA LLC Refinery is a company that renders services in the oil and gas sector for drilling and construction of offshore exploration wells by means of Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig and Valentin Shashin Drill Ship, cargo-handling port, auxiliary production services (professional and technical training school). This company performs the organization of construction, reconstruction, overhaul, construction control, and preparation of the design documentation engaged by developers or customers, based on a general contractor agreement


The Oil & Gas Production Process.

We strive hard to protect adequately from fire the highest risk areas and the most critical phases of this complex human activity is crucial for guaranteeing the regular business productivity. With the goal to safeguard structures and operators’ health and secure the client’s businesses, PAIGA LLC Refinery avant-garde fire fighting solutions are engineered and manufactured for every phase of the Oil & Gas production process (upstream, midstream and downstream), including renewable energy industries. The project we realize in high risk structures are the result of: a scrupulous study on the case and an accurate analysis and risk assessment, our decades of experience on the field, in conformity with the most rigorous international standards


Create Additional Sales Channels For Petroleum Products

As part of its strategy to increase sales margins in 2007, PAIGA LLC Refinery increased retail sales of petroleum products by 37%, which is 1.8 million tonnes. The share of retail sales in total domestic sales increased from 11% to 13%. In 2018, PAIGA LLC Refinery drilled 12 finely divided wells (MSW) and 12 of these wells were put into operation for oil production (oil production to 24.863 thousand tons). The average productivity was 9.7 tons per day. Whether you need to transport drilling rigs, refinery equipment, piping or replacement parts, PAIGA LLC Refinery can provide you with these services to get your supplies or products where they need to be

Exporting Crude Oil / Petroleum Products

Globally Reaching Out To Our Clients Demands

PAIGA LLC Refinery actively exports crude oil, petroleum products and other petroleum products to the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America. 

In 2018, we exported oil for a total of 21.34 million tons, which is 17.4% more than in the previous year. Geographic diversification of supplies is our strategic priority in oil exports. In 2019, we managed to expand our export stock by supplying energy resources to the countries of North Africa. 


Corporate Culture Intended For Continuous Improvement

Integration of the production system allows the Company to improve its competitive ability, ensure efficient and safe production, and, what is most important, contribute to the enhancement of professional competence of the employees and improvement of their working and social conditions.
The Company conducts comprehensive training regarding lean production tools for its employees.

PAIGA LLC Refinery pursues a policy aimed at balancing the channels of oil monetization

Including refining at its own refineries in Russia and abroad, export sales under long-term contracts and on the basis of spot sales during tenders, as well as sales on the domestic market.

The company analyzes the economic efficiency of oil monetization channels on an ongoing basis, which maximizes the share of high-margin channels in the overall sales structure.