Exploration, development and operation of onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in Russia and abroad.


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Focus, Efficiency, Productivity

These has, and always will be at the forefront of what our company management and operators focuses on.

At PAIGA LLC Refinery, One of the ways that the industry is looking at efficiency is via digital transformation, which is a term that has been used for a few years which encompasses a number of digital technologies that are now available. Therefore, as an innovative Oil & Gas Production company, we wanted to see how companies have been tackling this and so we did a global survey on digital change and the results were interesting as to the adoption of digital transformation in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Why work with us?

PAIGA LLC Refinery is a global energy company focused on geological exploration, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and lube oil. 

Our Mission

PAIGA LLC Refinery views its mission as ensuring a reliable, efficient and balanced supply of natural gas, other energy resources and their derivatives to consumers. PAIGA LLC Refinery strategic goal is to establish itself as a leader among global energy companies by diversifying sales markets, ensuring reliable supplies, improving operating efficiency and fulfilling its scientific and technical potential.

How oil and gas organizations are changing digitally

Results show the main driving factor behind digital change was internal process efficiencies (48%) as might be expected, but these were followed by increased competitive pressure (31%) and accelerating innovation (29%). While the internal process efficiencies response was not a surprise since this is always going to be there, the competitive pressure and innovation were, and the conclusion that I make is that the need to survive in the current climate is driving this throughout the company.
Regarding the investments being made, the biggest one was in big data and analytics. Another was the ability to use different techniques both from an operational real-time optimization of production and staff through to decision support for the board. One example of this is how machines and intelligent data can be utilized to improve the quality of predictive asset maintenance to ensure that the equipment being used as efficiently as possible.